Thursday, April 25, 2013

PROPH - "Steady Chasin" Video

Those of you who are ever around me in the studio, know that I am QUICK to put an astronomy DVD on the projector screen... with all the cheesy animations of quasars and supernova and such.

Well, I'm pretty sure I had one on when I made this beat in 2012... and, thru a feat of truly masterful white-man-to-white-man telepathy, Director Mark Gage made this video... and I SWEAR ON ALL I HOLD DEAR that we never spoke about this in any way... 1st sign of a good director: reading your mind. (@mark_gage, if you dare)

And make sure to jump on that SoundCloud for this and other must-have mp3's...

( As seen on )

And don't forget... "Eat Alone" arrives May 15th, courtesy of the good folks over @Spotify. Follow @Prophpeezy to find out more.

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