Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mixtape: JAHEIL - 'Im Nice B'

The concept of this tape was inspired by the classic East Coast tape... display the gift over classic instrumentals... with a few originals thrown in (Prod. by myself, @Haile, BNS, @Julian_B_ & @StevenQBeatz) to give you a taste of @TheRealJaheil as an original artist.

I'm really obsessed with this tape. I especially love how it morphs into something of an alternative-hip-hop album from around track 10 thru 14.

Track 16, "JAH", is there as something of a "prequel" to the album Jah & I created immediately before working on this mixtape... it's called "Heaven On Earth"... and I count the days until Jah and the WE LIT fam finally put it out! Holla @TheRealJaheil & @OmarS924 and let 'em know you're tired of waiting for #HeavenOnEarth! And drop the shit already!

And, as always... sincere appreciation for my man DRO @The305 for the light... not to mention the kind words.


Click here, check out the write-up, download... and ENJOY!

***Also: here's a couple of the visuals that were created for the project... major thanks to @LightWorksFilms & @BreezyTV_ for contributing their considerable talents.

(& gettin your artwork done by @mark_gage is a wavy look too, ya heard)

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Album: YO DOT - "A Winter's Ration" EP (with opening track "I'm On It", Produced by & feat. Hart Gunther)

Yola's EP featuring our street single "I'm On It", had been slated for a late December release... but it officially dropped on AudioMack this week (January 22nd) via the good folks at EARMILK.

Overall, the project is really strong. Good cold-weather hustlin' soundtrack... something just about every rap fan I know can relate to in one way or another. And the Milwaukee production scene comes thru big once again... with really tight work by guys like my man Lib Gibson, as well as the homies CameOne, Lex Luther, Ron Bacardi and Young Nova.

Most-gracious and humbled by the opportunity to be on another QUALITY Indie release by The Umbrella Music Group... and very happy to report you won't have to wait long for more... got a real smooth joint done already for another project from Yola, slated for sometime around April... so lookout for that. Holla!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Music: YO DOT - "I'm On It" feat. Hart Gunther (Prod. by Hart Gunther)

I have well-known affiliations with the Milwaukee Hip Hop scene... it's lead to some of my best production work to date (see earlier entries like the "Eat Alone" album). But, to this point, I've dealt strictly wit my man @ProphPeezy.

A couple months ago, his brotha from anotha @YoDot hit me up tellin me about his upcoming EP, titled "A Winter's Ration" (due out Dec.9th)... tryna see if maybe I had anything on that. He picked a beat and laid some vocals to it... and instantly I knew we had something. 

I'm really honored and humbled by the opportunity to have provided the chorus for the song. It allowed me the luxury to do something I really love to do: shine a light on 2 guys like myself and Dot... and avoid the obvious... how different we are... in favor of highlighting the fact that, when it comes to the big stuff... we're all 1 & the same.

Enjoy this advanced release of "I'm On It"... and be sure to check back to www.umbrellasup.com/YoDot on Dec.9th to download the free-EP.

(Click here for our feature on @DjBooth

Thursday, August 22, 2013

VIDEO: Jaheil performs "JAH" (opening for Action Bronson at Revolution Live)

This is my friend Jaheil. He's kind of built for this shit. We got a record you can just call "Jah"... and it goes pretty fucking hard body, chief. I'm referring to the studio version... which you'll get soon enough. For now, check out the live version (1:34).

WeLit would like to thank our unofficial sponsors, LOS PERROS, for reliably making 3 or 4 hoes go bananas during the 2nd verse :-)

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Music: Watts - "P.O.S.G." (audio)

Ya'll done fucked up and left a lane open. My certified OG official co-d Marco Watts (@DVStheDon) is not only the President of the "Pockets On Swole Gang"... he's also a client.

Video is dropping very soon (courtesy of EverWonder Films) and lookout for a couple more singles leading up to the official album details later in the summer.

Your move, rap world.