Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mixtape: JAHEIL - 'Im Nice B'

The concept of this tape was inspired by the classic East Coast tape... display the gift over classic instrumentals... with a few originals thrown in (Prod. by myself, @Haile, BNS, @Julian_B_ & @StevenQBeatz) to give you a taste of @TheRealJaheil as an original artist.

I'm really obsessed with this tape. I especially love how it morphs into something of an alternative-hip-hop album from around track 10 thru 14.

Track 16, "JAH", is there as something of a "prequel" to the album Jah & I created immediately before working on this mixtape... it's called "Heaven On Earth"... and I count the days until Jah and the WE LIT fam finally put it out! Holla @TheRealJaheil & @OmarS924 and let 'em know you're tired of waiting for #HeavenOnEarth! And drop the shit already!

And, as always... sincere appreciation for my man DRO @The305 for the light... not to mention the kind words.


Click here, check out the write-up, download... and ENJOY!

***Also: here's a couple of the visuals that were created for the project... major thanks to @LightWorksFilms & @BreezyTV_ for contributing their considerable talents.

(& gettin your artwork done by @mark_gage is a wavy look too, ya heard)

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