Monday, November 18, 2013

New Music: YO DOT - "I'm On It" feat. Hart Gunther (Prod. by Hart Gunther)

I have well-known affiliations with the Milwaukee Hip Hop scene... it's lead to some of my best production work to date (see earlier entries like the "Eat Alone" album). But, to this point, I've dealt strictly wit my man @ProphPeezy.

A couple months ago, his brotha from anotha @YoDot hit me up tellin me about his upcoming EP, titled "A Winter's Ration" (due out Dec.9th)... tryna see if maybe I had anything on that. He picked a beat and laid some vocals to it... and instantly I knew we had something. 

I'm really honored and humbled by the opportunity to have provided the chorus for the song. It allowed me the luxury to do something I really love to do: shine a light on 2 guys like myself and Dot... and avoid the obvious... how different we are... in favor of highlighting the fact that, when it comes to the big stuff... we're all 1 & the same.

Enjoy this advanced release of "I'm On It"... and be sure to check back to on Dec.9th to download the free-EP.

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